Sharon Stone & Twitch Star Amouranth Latest To Come Out Against Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has somehow become fully mainstream. The once fringe comedian and podcaster is not a big talking point any time anyone remotely famous does an interview. Seems that even liking or commenting on his posts has become a politically charged issue with stars such as Katy Perry and Dwayne the Rock Johnson facing backlash for coming out in support of Rogan.

Meanwhile Rogan issued a statement promising to do better. 

In the latest round of reactions to Spotify’s Rogan-gate Sharon Stone weighed in thanks to TMZ:

Stone rejected Rogan’s apology statement saying:

‘I just want to say COVID is not an opinion-based situation and Mr. Rogan thinking that his opinion or a disclaimer for the lives that he personally has affected and caused losses of, it’s not an opinion,’ Stone said. ‘Mr. Rogan is risking people’s lives with his idiocy and his professing that his thoughts about COVID are opinions, they aren’t opinions. COVID and infectious diseases are science and they are fact-based situations, so the pretense that these are opinions is dangerous – and his behavior is dangerous.’

Stone also backed up her words by tweeting the following:


Another of Rogan’s critiques comes from the gaming platform Twitch. The streamer that made her fame thanks to the bikini twitch discourse promised to remove her ‘music’ from spotify if the platform keeps platforming Rogan.

“If @Spotify doesn’t remove @joerogan then I will be removing my rap video from the platform. They can have me or Joe Rogan. Not both.”