Sean Strickland wages war on Meta’s Zuckerberg for building a Hawaii bunker following natural disaster

UFC’s reigning 185lbs champion Sean Strickland is renowned for his unapologetic and unfiltered views on various subjects. The fearless combatant doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinions.

Recently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg found himself in the crosshairs of Strickland’s candid commentary. Ahead of his anticipated title defense at UFC 297, Strickland unleashed his frustrations by labeling Zuckerberg’s billionaire lifestyle as excessively selfish.

In a recent episode of the UFC 297 ‘Embedded’ Vlog Series, Strickland engaged in a conversation with ESPN MMA’s Megan Olivi. While primarily discussing his upcoming match, the conversation veered towards Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial decision to construct a multi-million dollar compound in Hawaii amidst a devastating wildfire.

Strickland didn’t hold back, expressing his disdain for Zuckerberg’s actions. He said: “Society, man, it’s brutal., you know? Even little something like the Zuckerberg, you know, Mr. Zuck. You know, he’s building what? A multi-billion dollar compound in Hawaii. You, like, half of Hawaii burns down, and you’re taking all this money to build a compound. Like, you can’t talk about the world and not be angry. It’s insane, man. It’s fu**ing insane…”

The Hawaiian wildfire was initially small, but escalated into a catastrophe. It claimed numerous lives and caused unprecedented ecological damage. According to Strickland, Zuckerberg talks a big game but fails to deliver on global concerns.

UFC featherweight Max Holloway raised awareness, and the UFC contributed approximately $1 million to the cause. However, this wasn’t the first time Strickland berated the tech mogul.

Ahead of his first middleweight title defense at UFC 297, Strickland shared his thoughts on Zuckerberg’s actions during the 2023 Hawaiian wildfire. However, he had previously criticized Zuckerberg for similar reasons as well.

In the past year, an unexpected twist unfolded when Mark Zuckerberg as well as Elon Musk decided to compete in combat sports. UFC CEO Dana White confirmed the seriousness of the face-off, with both billionaires committed to the spectacle.

However, Strickland voiced his unfiltered concerns in his characteristic fashion.