Sean Strickland Surprises Fans by Discussing UFC’s Most Handsome Athletes and His Pick for a Dinner Date

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland, known for his bold and often controversial persona, took a surprising turn on a podcast with comedian Theo Von. While the podcast initially gained attention for Strickland opening up about his childhood trauma, it also delved into lighter topics, including a discussion about the most handsome UFC athletes.

During the podcast, Theo Von threw a playful yet intriguing question at Strickland, asking him which male UFC athlete he would take on a dinner date with a hint of romance involved. Despite Strickland’s reputation for his outspoken and sometimes provocative remarks, he took the question seriously.

Von posed the question, “Let’s say you had to go out with one good fighter in the UFC, and it can be any weight class… It can be just a date, but there’s some kissing at the end. Who is it going to be? There are some handsome guys out there.”

Strickland, initially responding with laughter, then carefully considered his choice, acknowledging the presence of good-looking UFC fighters. The discussion took an unexpected turn when a list of the most handsome UFC athletes appeared on the screen, with middleweight contender Paulo Costa claiming the top spot.

Strickland, seemingly putting aside any potential rivalry, admitted that Costa is indeed a good-looking man. He even playfully commented on Costa’s persona, suggesting he would be the more assertive one in certain scenarios.

“I mean, he is a good-looking Brazilian. I think he seems a little bit more… I think he would take it for sure. I mean as a persona… If there’s going to be some f*cking, he is going to be the one in the shower, you know,” Strickland remarked.

This lighthearted exchange provides fans with a different perspective on Strickland’s character, showing a more playful and open side. As Strickland gears up for his title defense against Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297 on January 20, discussions about potential future matchups, including facing someone like Costa, add an interesting layer to the narrative in the middleweight division.