Sean Strickland roasts BJJ star coach John Danaher: ‘It’s a world of clowns’

Sean Strickland just had a very contentious appearance on possibly the least contentious show there is. Strickland recently guested on the ailing Food truck diaries. There he tried to provide harsh commentary on a variety of subjects, often contradicting himself.

A big part of his guest appearance was discussing famed BJJ coach John Danaher and his cult like following:

“Another f**king weirdo. I wear a rash guard to a wedding because it keeps me warm and it’s. No, you’re a f**king weirdo and you want f**king attention and you’re pandering.”

George is out to dinner with John Danaher and of course he is wearing a rash guard
Georges St Pierre is out to dinner with John Danaher and of course he is wearing a rash guard

But Strickland incorrectly assumed that this in relation to 10th planet. Eddie Bravo was a pioneer of nogi jiu jitsu and pioneered a nogi only school while John Danaher comes from a traditional Renzo Gracie affiliation and has focused purely on nogi only later due to the fact it would give his students a competitive advantage.

Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo meet John Danaher in 2015
Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo meet John Danaher in 2015

“You’re pandering to the 10th planet f**king douche bags.” Strickland insisted with Schaub correcting him:

“He’s not 10th planet.”

“Well, but again, you all the 10th planet guys f*cking worship that f**king guy.” – Strickland still continued.

“He’s a smart guy. He comes from you, jiujitsu f*cks. And then you. He manipulates people like ‘I wear a rash guard. I’m a f*cking weirdo. ‘, and everyone like he creates his cult like f*cking following. It’s a world of clowns. ”

“Because people are f*cking dumb. You have these people like. I mean, who the f*ck is John Danaher? You wrote book on jiu jitsu?”

Oddly Schaub belongs to the same affiliation as Danaher – Renzo Gracie but was unable to refute Strickland’s points even when he was indeed very wrong.

This was just one of Strickland’s fringe views expressed during the conversation. While Strickland is somewhat of a tool he’s one of the rare athletes to have called out grooming amongst female UFC athletes, notably Rose Namajunas and Aspen Ladd (who has since been released).

As for John Danaher himself there are several aspects of his personality that are undoubtedly very curated. Danaher has created a cult of personality around himself not to mention that he utilizes some of NLP’s finest strategies in interviews he gives. Danaher intentionally speaks with a low slow calculated voice commanding attention from spectators. His first major publicity push came after a guest spot on Joe Rogan Experience. He’s since branched out and given interviews to a number of other prominent podcasters including Lex Friedman recently.

Danaher’s personality and his way of teaching enabled him to sell big ‘systematic’ overview dvds which are chunked and repeated time and time again over the course of each 8 hour dvd. A lot of Danaher’s personality now is a result of a goal he had in mind prior to publishing his first ever dvd – the Leglocks: Enter The System. According to sources Danaher’s big idea prior to dvd release was to accrue a million dollars from his first dvd release. It’s believed he surpassed the number despite the production issues he’s had. Since then him and Gordon Ryan have each published a number of technique dvds that are basically providing them with a lavish lifestyle and a cult like following on social media.