Sean Strickland on Jake Paul’s $1M offer: UFC would sue the f out me

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has recently opened up about the hurdles preventing him from accepting Jake Paul’s tempting million-dollar offer for a face-off. The feud between the seasoned combatant and the YouTuber-turned-boxer escalated through social media, with Strickland targeting Paul’s boxing career and influence.

In a video, Strickland addressed the possibility of stepping into the ring with Jake Paul.

Strickland expressed his eagerness, stating: “I think the UFC would f*cking sue the f*ck out of me if I did that, but yes, I would do it [accept Jake Paul’s offer] in a heartbeat…More than likely [UFC] would sue the f*ck out of me, but go out to [the] desert, bro, I’m your man, bro, cause you got the plane. Show up.”

The plot thickens as Strickland throws a counteroffer into the mix, suggesting Paul fly out to his gym in Las Vegas for a sparring session. The intriguing question remains: Will Paul accept this challenge? Also, what repercussions might arise from the UFC if the two were to spar?

Aside from the brewing drama with Jake Paul, Sean Strickland had a memorable Friday night. His day started with a social media onslaught against the YouTuber-boxer. Later in the night, he found himself in an exchange with Machine Gun Kelly at a Power Slap event.

In a scathing tweet, Strickland criticized Jake Paul for being a negative influence and picking on smaller and retired MMA combatants. He labeled Paul a professional troll both inside and outside the ring.

Strickland said: “I want to conclude this, I want you all to understand the phenomenon that is Jake. You’re a professional troll, you fight retired small MMA fighters because you’re a troll but the worst part of it all is that you’re a cancer. You inspire people to accomplish nothing, to be nothing…Enjoy your virtual world with the understanding that you’re a cancer on this country. Money will never buy you dignity. Enjoy.”