Sean Strickland mocks ‘cuck’ Ian Garry for making social media account private ahead of UFC 296

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland continues to escalate the verbal feud with rising UFC star Ian Garry.

The 32-year-old Strickland promptly responded when Garry took the drastic step of making his Twitter account private. This was due to a barrage of derogatory remarks aimed at him and his wife, Layla Anna-Lee.

Expressing his reaction, Strickland posted a screenshot of Garry’s private account with the caption: “F****** c*ck made his tweeter private lmao!!!!!!!!! Yall bullied him too much”

While gearing up for a crucial matchup against Vicente Luque at UFC 296 on December 16, the welterweight contender faces significant distractions. Amidst his preparations, Garry found himself defending his reputation following his expulsion from Leon Edwards’ gym.

Further turmoil ensued as scrutiny fell upon his wife’s 2010 book ‘How to be a WAG,’ compelling Garry to step up in her defense.

However, Strickland didn’t shy away from intensifying the controversy. He labeled Garry’s partner as a ‘succubus’ and urged the UFC contender to distance himself from the marriage.

Subsequently, Strickland released screenshots from a supposed text exchange he had with Garry. Strickland said that Garry was threatening to sue him for defaming Anna-Lee.

Strickland then defiantly challenged Garry’s legal threat, asserting the factual nature of his claims.

Strickland posted a video on social media where he ranted about the situation. He said: “This motherf*****, he says, ‘I’m gonna sue you if you don’t delete that.’ You’re gonna sue me motherf*****? He said that I was lying.”

“Motherf*****, I ain’t lying! You are 26, she is 40, she wrote a f****** book on how to be old and be with a young athlete. I ain’t f****** lying bro, this is factual. Ian Garry, I don’t give a f*** about being sued, you think I give a f***.”

“You want me to respect you? You say, ‘I’m going to go to Bass Pro Shop or wherever the f*** you go, and I’m gonna go buy a [gn] and handle this like a man.’ I would’ve respected that.”

On January 20, Strickland is scheduled to defend his title against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297.