Sean Strickland has buyer’s regret after Theo Von podcast: “Years and years of abuse changes you”

Excitement looms in the air for UFC 297 as the highly anticipated main event will take place between Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis. This matchup is set to be a sensational affair, as Strickland aims to secure his first title defense against du Plessis.

The two middleweights were present at the weekend’s star-studded UFC 296 event, which was also attended by Theo Von and Donald Trump.

The build-up to this event was not without drama, as the two had an encounter at UFC 296 that escalated into a heated altercation. The two exchanged punches, and there was a huge commotion during the event.

Acknowledging the confrontation, Dana White shouldered the responsibility for the incident. He admitted his oversight of seating both combatants in close proximity. This was a critical misstep, following their tense press conference preceding the event.

During the UFC’s seasonal press conference, Du Plessis made a controversial reference to Strickland’s history of abuse by his father. Strickland has previously discussed this traumatic past, including his struggles with PTSD.

In a recent interview with Theo Von, Strickland shed light on his emotional battles.

The episode itself hasn’t been posted as of yet. Sean Strickland has made remarks on social media that give the impression that it may not ever be published.

The UFC middleweight champion made a number of posts on X earlier this week. He spoke about the interview there and admitted to becoming emotional throughout it.

In addition, Sean Strickland made a post in which he acknowledged that he is by no means the only one with PTSD. It was a beautiful message, even though it doesn’t seem like the middleweight champion is changing his ways.

He wrote on social media recently about the interview he did with Theo: “So I did a podcast with Theo… goddamn wall broke a little bit, allergies started to act up.. It wasn’t my finest moment…. damn demons lol”

“Idk what to do now… I think I need to go buy an iPhone and a tesla, adopt a cat, all vegan diet… maybe start f*cking dudes IDK.. LMAO”

He clarified his remarks in a follow-up post the next day, saying: “PTSD can make a strong man weak or a weak man strong.. Years and years of abuse just changes you as a man.. The hate just doesn’t go away. The sad truth is I’m one of millions but I only matter because there is a camera in my face… Most people just suffer in silence and drown their demons in alcohol or dr**s.”

While concluding, Strickland expressed gratitude to Theo Von for offering to delete the podcast. He said: “Theo thanks for saying you’d delete the video for me.. I wanted you to, hell still kinda do but at the end of the day.. it’s life….”