Sean Strickland got confronted by a UFC star he badmouthed on JRE

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Sean Strickland held nothing back as he launched scathing remarks targeting several other UFC stars.

One of the primary targets of his verbal assault was none other than Khalil Rountree Jr. He had previously appeared on Rogan’s podcast as a guest.

During the show, Strickland recounted past encounters with Rountree which left no doubt about his strong aversion towards him. Just days after the podcast episode aired, Strickland took to Twitter to share a post about a heated confrontation that had taken place between the two athletes at the gym.

He tweeted: “Soo awkward day… Roundtree came to the gym and confronted me lmao…”

Strickland adamantly stated that he had no intention of apologizing for his remarks. This sparked a back-and-forth exchange between him and UFC flyweight contender Casey O’Neill, who happened to be present at the time.

O’Neill promptly responded, offering a different account of how the confrontation unfolded. According to her, Strickland had expressed a willingness to cease his derogatory comments about Rountree.

Naturally, Strickland reacted to that as well.

Refuting O’Neill’s claim, Strickland stood firm on his version of events. He asserted that his recollection was accurate.

O’Neil added: “I guess the rest of us walked away after you said ‘alright I’ll stop, your a good guy’ because afterwards when I asked why you backed down so quickly you said you weren’t good with emotions.”

Rountree didn’t even get the worst of it, just a day after Strickland’s JRE MMA episode aired, Dustin Stoltzfus was trending due to Strickland making these remarks.

Sean Strickland recently won against Abus Magomedov in his recent encounter at UFC Vegas 76. The main event was an intense five-round middleweight match in which Strickland defeated Magomedov with a knockout.

Despite being subjected to an unintentional eye poke by Magomadov, Strickland did not lose hope. With this win, Strickland cemented his place as one of the top contenders in the fiercely contested middleweight category .