Sean Strickland gets stern warning from Andrew Tate after viral criticism

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland didn’t hold back when it came to expressing his views on viral internet sensation, Andrew Tate. Strickland boldly labeled Andrew as a ‘con artist’ and accused him of duping numerous individuals.

Andrew’s younger brother Tristan Tate, responded to Strickland firmly after seeing his outburst on the show.

In his own podcast, Tristan Tate fired back at Strickland’s allegations. He addressed Strickland’s statements, asserting: “Some fighter (Strickland) the other day, I think he was a boxer or an MMA guy saying something like “Those guys used to scam people with their webcam models. They’re bad role models.” One, you’re a f***ing hypocrite.”

“When you want any type of entertainment business, whether it be a Twitch streaming agency or webcam, or whether you are a boxer or a fighter, you’re leaving the door open for some people to completely abuse vices in your name.”

“If you said something like no one bets, no one gambles on fights, no, you lose every contract you have. I came along running my webcam studio years ago, I would do podcasts about the ins and outs of it and advise young men never to partake in these activities. Do not lecture me!”

The Tate brothers catapulted to fame through their controversial remarks that went viral on social media platforms. Presently, they face significant legal charges related to sex trafficking in Romania. After staying in a Romanian prison cell for three years, they’ve resurfaced on social media and ignited fresh discussions.

Despite their success, the Tate brothers have encountered criticism from various prominent figures for their questionable online endeavors, Strickland included. Andrew Tate’s younger brother Tristan unequivocally defended their actions against Strickland’s accusations, branding him a ‘hypocrite.’

Strickland is no stranger to controversy. His controversial opinions on women’s voting rights and parental issues have garnered him a fair share of criticism. However, the middleweight champion stands firm in his disagreement with the Tate brothers.