Sean Strickland gets a lot of pushback for hating on Portnoy’s dog for no apparent reason

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has found himself at the center of yet another Twitter storm. Known for his provocative and often controversial tweets, Strickland seems to be running out of subjects to weigh in on.

Strickland has gained fame in recent years for his controversial commentary on a wide array of topics. From mildly amusing quips to outright offensive remarks, he’s left no stone unturned. Whether it’s launching into homophobic rants or sharing his far-right political beliefs, Strickland has certainly made his voice heard.

In a recent tweet, Strickland took aim at Miss Peaches— the beloved dog of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. Expressing surprise at the attention Portnoy offers his pet, Strickland questioned the priorities of childless men who dote excessively on their dogs.

Strickland wrote on X: “My girl watches the tiktok sadly, she keeps showing me Miss peaches, the barstool sports guys dog. And I asked my girl “does this man have kids” no Let me tell you all something if you’re a grown ass childless man obsessed about a dog you gotta rethink your life.. rich or poor.”

Miss Peaches, previously known as Dubai, was rescued by the LifeLine Animal Project from a neglect situation in Atlanta, Georgia, where she showed signs of neglect and had multiple litters of puppies.

After being taken in by a foster family, including two canine “siblings” named Lana and Chestnut, Miss Peaches began to heal and recover.

Jet Wag Animal Rescue connected Miss Peaches with Dave Portnoy, president of Barstool Sports, who adopted her.

Portnoy and Miss Peaches bonded immediately, with her life changing overnight after being adopted on Valentine’s Day.

Portnoy has been documenting their journey together on social media, including Miss Peaches overcoming her fear of stairs.

Miss Peaches has gained popularity on Portnoy’s social media, leading to fundraising efforts for the LifeLine Animal Project through Barstool merchandise sales, raising approximately $115,000 for the organization. So it’s very hard to hate on the dog’s social media presence consider that much like Strickland, she was abused but has luckily landed and is able to provide an opportunity for many other animals to heal from their traumatic upbringing.


Predictably, Strickland’s tweet sparked a flurry of responses. Many rushed to defend Portnoy’s affection for his furry friend. Sensing the mounting backlash, Strickland issued a hasty apology. However, he couldn’t resist taking another swipe at what he perceives as a societal decline in masculinity.

In his follow-up tweet, Strickland lamented what he sees as a loss of traditional values and masculinity in modern society.

Strickland posted again: “OK I went too far.. I’m sorry.. Your dogs are your kids. I know.. I know As a man who loves his country I just see the sickness that has infected us The men before us built a nation, fought world wars, had pride, God. What do we have now? Boys with dog children.”

However, Strickland probably wouldn’t have objected if Portnoy had instead shown devotion to an inanimate thing instead—like an AK-47.