Sean Strickland blasts influencer boxing including Jake Paul and Dillon Danis: “They are just f*****g cancer”

In the realm of mixed martial arts, Sean Strickland stands out as one of the most outspoken figures. Whether it’s his candid opinions or unconventional trash-talking style, Strickland doesn’t hold back.

Strickland doesn’t mince his words when it comes to social media sensation Jake Paul and the controversial MMA combatant Dillon Danis. He views both of them as detrimental influences on society.

In a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Strickland didn’t hold back. He particularly addressed Danis’ relentless taunts directed at Logan Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal:

“When it comes to the Jake Paul brothers, I stay away from it… There is a problem in America, and I say this because I’m part of the problem, because I grew up as like the modern-day male. And Jake Paul, Dillon Danis, they are just f*****g cancer, you guys.”

He continued, emphasizing his stance:

“They are cancer on society, and all they do is they hurt men. They hurt the image of men, they hurt the psyche of men… We used to live in this world where respect and dignity… and what you said mattered and now we just live in this world where, [it’s like] hey look at my click bait… The fact that we’re raising all these beta males, they just buy into it.”

Strickland went on to label Paul and Danis as toxic influences, suggesting that distancing oneself from such individuals would lead to better lives and relationships.

Dillon Danis is currently slated to face Jake Paul in a boxing match on October 14th in the UK. His encounter with Alex Pereira left him with no fond memories. When the two clashed at UFC 276, Pereira swiftly secured victory with a knockout in just two minutes and 36 seconds.

Dillon Danis wasted no time in rubbing salt in the wound. After training with Pereira, the jiu-jitsu expert took to social media to share the experience.

Danis didn’t stop there. He also sent a direct message to Strickland on Instagram, taunting him with the words:

“Your worst nightmare p***y.”