Sean Strickland blasts Adesanya over old video in which he claims to have a ‘Chinese heart’

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, middleweight contender Sean Strickland sparked controversy with his candid remarks on various sensitive topics. Strickland’s appearance on the popular podcast followed his impressive second-round TKO victory over Abus Magomedov at UFC Vegas 76.

As the No. 7 ranked contender, Strickland has set his sights on facing the reigning middleweight world champion, Israel Adesanya. During his conversation with Joe Rogan, Strickland didn’t shy away from expressing his negative opinions about Adesanya, particularly emphasizing his ties to China.

One of the points Strickland highlighted was a YouTube short featuring Adesanya with a Chinese flag draped around his shoulders, claiming to have a “Chinese heart.”

Strickland’s response to this was rather outspoken: “I always call him China’s little sl*t because we have all done things… We’ve all been a wh*re to somebody. We’ve all been friends with somebody we shouldn’t have been friends with.”

“We’ve all been buddies because maybe he could plug me into this or he’d give me a dollar, but that level of being a sl*t dude, my god. And then later on in life, they called him out for it. He was like, ‘Cause they’re f**king paying me, that’s why.’ Then that makes you an even bigger wh*re.”

In addition to the flag incident, Strickland also referenced a video posted by Adesanya on social media where the champion engaged in inappropriate behavior with his dog.

Strickland’s criticism continued: “And there’s also a video of him j*rking off his dog, and like, the guy is a f*cking… The f*cking nail polish, and god. Izzy just f*cking sucks.”

While acknowledging Adesanya’s prowess as a UFC champ, Strickland wasted no time turning his comments into another dig at the New Zealand fighter. He said: “I never said the guy can’t fight. I’m not sitting here saying Izzy’s not a champion.”

“I’m not sitting here saying Izzy might not be one of the best kickboxers in the world. I’m saying that Izzy is China’s slut. If he was in prison, he would turn you out. He’d turn you in and he would sell you out. The character of Izzy is so low.”