Sean Strickland accidentally drank his own pee after becoming the UFC champion

In an unexpected turn of events, newly-crowned middleweight champion Sean Strickland recently disclosed a rather unconventional post-match ritual. Following his remarkable triumph over rival Israel Adesanya at UFC 293 earlier this month, Strickland revealed that he consumed a cup of his own urine.

Strickland secured one of the biggest upset victories in UFC history when he defeated the former two-time divisional champion, Adesanya. The unanimous decision win took place at UFC 293 in Sydney, Australia.

With an immediate title rematch against Adesanya on the horizon, Strickland has been making headlines since claiming the undisputed titlee. Just three days after his title win, he encountered a mishap with his championship belt where he ended up breaking a panel. He then made makeshift repairs on the belt using duct tape.

In another surprising turn of events, footage emerged of Strickland chasing Monster Energy representative Hans Molenkamp around a gym. He was armed with a fully functional flamethrower that was actively in use during the incident.

Adding to the list of unconventional actions, further video evidence showed Strickland attempting to demonstrate how to stab someone by stabbing a heavy bag. Recently, the newly-crowned middleweight champion disclosed that he consumed his own urine following his title win at UFC 293.

Sharing the incident on his official X account, Sean Strickland humorously posted: “Back to your normal programming..

My brain

‘Sean make sure you throw away that coffee cup in your car you pissed in so you don’t forget’

The next day

‘Goddamnit I drank the wrong cup’

The moral of the story here is throw away the piss cups or you might accidentally drink it.”

While a title rematch against Adesanya is in the cards, Strickland has also received challenges from the surging number one ranked contender, Dricus du Plessis. Additionally, he has also been called out by a former opponent Jared Cannonier who holds a victory over Strickland.