Sean O’Malley’s coach regrets unknowingly sharing video of Gaethje’s parents reacting to UFC 300 defeat

UFC 300 showcased an unforgettable match between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway, earning a spot among the greatest bouts in history. The match was held for the BMF title on the main card and captivated audiences worldwide.

Gaethje entered the ring with a perceived advantage in size and strength, making him the favored contender. However, Holloway’s resilience and skill kept the match neck and neck until a pivotal moment in the final round.

During the final seconds of the last round, Max Holloway delivered a knockout blow to Justin Gaethje to secure his victory and leaving the audience awestruck. The T-Mobile Arena reverberated with the surprise and excitement of this momentous occasion.

After the match, Max Holloway walked away with well-deserved accolades and bonuses totaling $600,000. His exceptional performance not only earned him the prestigious ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus but also a $300,000 bonus for the knockout victory.

Despite the heartbreaking defeat, Justin Gaethje’s response to his loss garnered admiration. Taking to his social media platforms, he graciously congratulated his opponent for his win. Gaethje’s positive outlook even in defeat, resonated with fans worldwide.

Amidst the aftermath of the match, an unfortunate incident involving Justin Gaethje’s parents came to light. Former MMA contender and current UFC coach Tim Welch was there in the audience recording his reaction during the match.

Welch then posted the video to his channel. Interestingly enough, Justin Gaethje’s parents were seated just behind Welch as he was filming. After a few astute fans pointed that out, images and videos of Justin’s parents’ reactions after he was knocked out became viral.

On the other hand, Welch was not amused and criticised the fans’ and media’s actions.

He told: “These media people zooming in on Justin’s Parents in my are pieces of sh*t, I was filming my reaction video and had no clue his parents were behind me until Sugar told me later”

One fan responded to the post by accusing Tim of manipulating the footage so that Gaethje’s parents could be seen. Welch said, “I was trying to get Dricuss also , how would I know what Justin’s parents look like.”

The footage of Gaethje’s parents show the parents being visibly distraught by their son’s defeat. That was sensitive video that ought to have remained unreleased. Maybe that’s why Tim apologized to fans and the media for mistakenly filming the parents and urged them not to use the footage.