Sean O’Malley targets MMA managers: ‘They’ll manipulate you’

Sean O’Malley has emerged as a relentless voice in the MMA scene as he passionately calls out MMA managers for their questionable practices. While he refrains from pointing fingers directly, Suga vows to uncover the truth about managers exploiting competitors within the industry.

Once under the guidance of VaynerSports, O’Malley transitioned to an independent career path last year. This sparked a wave of discussions about the alleged corruption plaguing MMA management.

As he revels in his victory as the new UFC bantamweight champion, O’Malley sheds light on managers purportedly taking 20% deduction from competitors’ earnings along with an additional unwarranted 20% from their bonuses.

Sharing his sentiments on Twitter, O’Malley vehemently expressed: “There are managers that take 20% of fighters purses AND 20% of their bonuses. If you do this to the fighters you are a POS.”

The recent spotlight on O’Malley intensified when he defeated Aljamain Sterling in a surprising second-round TKO win at UFC 292. The victory translated into a substantial $1.43 million reward for O’Malley, a fortune he won’t be compelled to share with any manager.

Leading up to his remarkable victory against Aljamain Sterling, Sean O’Malley seized the opportunity to shed light on the dubious practices prevalent among MMA managers. O’Malley embarked on a well-intentioned tirade, urging fellow combatants to exercise caution when considering management representation.

O’Malley passionately advises fellow competitors to take legal assistance to review their contracts, which often tend to skew unfairly towards management interests. While he acknowledges the importance of remaining cautious towards all managers, O’Malley doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the potential conflict of interest that arises when managers share close ties with the UFC.

During the media day for UFC 292, O’Malley said: “I’d say make sure when you get these manager’s contracts, read them, have a lawyer look through them. Don’t just sign just because these guys say they can get you in the UFC. They’re taking 20% of your purse. They’re taking your win bonus, taking your fight bonus, your performance bonus.”

“I would be very very skeptical on signing their contract… Be very very careful of these managers that are very close with the UFC. Mostly just be careful with these guys. They’re not good at their jobs. They’ll manipulate you.”