Sean O’Malley explains how Snoop Dogg’s MMA commentary played a “massive” role in his UFC stardom

In a pivotal turn of events back in July 2017 during Dana White’s Contender Series, Sean O’Malley (17-1 MMA) delivered a knockout to Alfred Khashakyan (11-5 MMA) at precisely 4:14 of round 1. That defining moment marked the inception of a remarkable journey for O’Malley within the UFC.

During that groundbreaking event, notable commentators Snoop Dogg and Urijah Faber were present.

Speaking on The Breakfast Club, Sean O’Malley expressed profound gratitude for the role played by Snoop Dogg in his rapid ascent to fame.

He said: “Oh, huge. Massive, massive. It’s crazy how my career has played out. That was the beginning of the craziness. Snoop Dogg is commentating on my fight when I was 21, 22 on the Contender Series.”

The now 29-year-old continued: “It’s the first time they’ve done it. I knock that dude out, and he yells ‘O’Malley’ like 30 times. That was crazy.”

Following his win at DWCS, O’Malley shared a moment with Snoop Dogg. He said: “I don’t even remember, I got so high. We were in the trailer, and they just kept passing it. I walked out of the trailer, and there were a bunch of cameras. A bunch of people around.”

” I hadn’t smoked, probably for three or four weeks leading up to a fight. I just got a crazy knockout. I just got signed to the UFC. Now I’m smoking with Snoop and when I was leaving the trailer, that felt like a movie. That was crazy. I don’t remember what we talked about at all.”

Presently holding the UFC bantamweight championship title, Sean O’Malley won it by defeating Aljamain Sterling (23-4 MMA) via TKO in August at UFC 292.

His upcoming bout involves a rematch and title defense against Marlon Vera (23-8 MMA). The match has been scheduled for March 9th, 2024, at UFC 299. Vera stands as the only competitor to have handed O’Malley a loss in the Octagon. That event that took place in 2020 during UFC 252.