Ryan Garcia won $12M betting on himself in must see boxing event against Haney

In a monumental clash at the Barclays Center, New York, Ryan Garcia showcased his dominance by flooring Devin Haney three times. The match ended up becoming an unforgettable spectacle in boxing history.

As the bell rang, anticipation soared as Garcia and Haney prepared to settle their animosity in the ring. However, Garcia’s inability to meet the weight requirement meant he couldn’t take Haney’s WBC super-lightweight title. Nevertheless, this setback did not deter Garcia from delivering a performance for the ages.

From the onset, Garcia asserted his dominance and launched a relentless assault. Haney was forced to weather the storm and found himself tested like never before. Ultimately, Haney ended up getting knocked down on the canvas thrice during the entire match.

Despite Haney’s resilience, Garcia’s onslaught proved too much to handle. Rounds seven, ten, and eleven witnessed Haney succumbing to Garcia’s punishing blows, leaving spectators in awe of Garcia’s impeccable skill set.

According to broadcasters, Ryan Garcia came into the event with a $2M wager on himself – which could stand to net him $12M.

As the final bell ranged, Garcia emerged victorious and the judges scored the contest in his favor. The aftermath of the bout reverberated across social media platforms. Even YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul praised it as the most enthralling boxing match in recent memory.

He wrote: “Man what an amazing fight and so unexpected I seriously can’t breathe Both are warriors and savages and never underestimate anyone #HaneyGarcia”

After the match, broadcasters revealed a surprising revelation: Ryan Garcia reportedly wagered $2 million on himself, a move that ultimately paid off handsomely. It translated into a staggering $12 million cash in, showing Garcia’s unwavering confidence in his abilities.

The clash unfolded as a captivating chess match, with both boxers showcasing their tactical acumen. Despite Haney’s attempts to regain control, Garcia’s relentless pressure proved insurmountable.

With his hand raised in victory, Garcia solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world.