Ronda Rousey makes surprise ProWrestling return with AEW Star

WWE sensation Ronda Rousey made a recent return to the wrestling scene. This unexpected comeback took place at a non-WWE event held at Lucha VaVOOM in Los Angeles.

Rousey was spotted ringside supporting her close friend Marina Shafir. It’s worth noting that Shafir is currently making waves in All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Rousey later shared on her Instagram, “@luchavavoom was honestly the best Lucha/burlesque hybrid show I’ve ever had the pleasure of jumping into unannounced.”

“Anyone who doubted me and @marinashafir could make magic in a ring is an idiot – thank you @thetayavalkyrie and @mr.briankendrick for being down to get down with us.”

It’s interesting to note that Shafir was in contract with WWE from 2018 to 2021.

During her tenure with the company, Rousey held the coveted title of WWE RAW women’s champion for an impressive 231 days. However, she lost in the main event of WrestleMania 35 in 2019 and subsequently departed the business for the first time.

She would later return to WWE in January 2022 and eventually retire on October 11, 2023. However, Rousey did not have the same level of success as she had during her first stint with the business.

Rousey and Shafir are both seasoned in judo and honed their skills together at the Glendale Fighting Club. Along with former mixed martial artist and WWE wrestler Jessamyn Duke and current WWE star Shayna Baszler, they also shared a few years of housing in Venice, California.

Together, these formidable women formed a tight-knit group famously known as the Four Horsewomen. Although they were under contract for a significant portion in the same period, the four women never had the opportunity to collaborate as a team in the WWE.

All of that may indicate that the former UFC champion’s remark about anybody questioning their ability to make a strong team was a thinly veiled jab at WWE.