Ronda Rousey accuses WWE of being biased in Logan Paul’s favor: I wish I was allowed the time to rehearse that he gets

Former UFC sensation Ronda Rousey recently offered her insights into Logan Paul’s recent WWE performances. She recently shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics shaping his success.

Leveraging his massive social media presence, Logan Paul has swiftly risen as a prominent figure in WWE. He ended up captivating audiences with his sporadic yet impactful appearances inside the squared circle.

Despite his limited wrestling outings annually, Paul’s dedication to mastering the craft has garnered admiration from within the industry.

Renowned ‘Jacka*s’ star Steve-O joins the chorus of voices commending Paul’s contributions to WWE, lauding his commitment and prowess in the ring.

During an episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Ronda Rousey shared her observations on Paul’s performance. Rousey is known for her trailblazing career in both MMA and WWE.

She said: “He’s great on the mic. He does a great job on the mic. I wish I was allowed the time to rehearse that he gets. It’s not evenly spread. He’s like their next big star. They are rolling out the red carpet. It goes to show that if you give people the time to rehearse and the resources, you can do amazing things.”

“It’s frustrating that everybody doesn’t get that treatment. My first match with them was incredible because we had six weeks to rehearse, all the best minds in the business coming and putting in their two cents and it was an instant classic. Then, they never did it again.”

“I was like, ‘Why isn’t this the model?’ They’re doing that with Logan Paul and he’s having these fantastic performances. Look what you guys can do when you actually put organization and effort into things. It blows my mind that this billion-dollar company is succeeding in spite itself in so many ways.”

After leaving the WWE after SummerSlam 2022, Rousey previously voiced her displeasure with the creative process.