‘Rampage’ Jackson gets backlash after accusing Jake Paul of staging knockouts

MMA enthusiasts express disapproval toward Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, who has raised skepticism about Jake Paul’s knockout performances, suggesting they might be orchestrated.

The MMA community questions the authenticity of Paul’s victories, especially after Jackson implied that the 26-year-old boxer may incentivize opponents with extra money to intentionally lose.

Quinton Jackson, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, casts doubt on Jake Paul’s ability to genuinely knock out opponents during the Calabasas Fight Companion watch-along episode for UFC 296. Jackson, emphasizing his perspective as a fighter, remarks, “All his knockouts look kind of set up. He’s making a lot of money in there, right? What if he’s telling these guys, ‘I’ll give you an extra $2 million if you just [get knocked out].'”

Following posting of a related clip, fans engage in the comments section to share their sentiments. One fan dismisses Jackson, labeling him a “purebreed hater,” while another calls for acknowledgment and respect for Jake Paul.

In another development, Jake Paul announces a collaboration with the USA Boxing team for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. The 26-year-old athlete plans to travel with the American team to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and subsequently to the Paris Olympics. Paul commits to documenting the team’s progress on his social media platforms, promoting both the team and the sport of boxing. Additionally, the former Disney star aims to guide athletes on building their personal brands.

In an Instagram post, Jake Paul expresses his honor in partnering with USA Boxing for the 2024 Paris Olympics. He emphasizes that his dedication to boxing goes beyond in-ring accomplishments, aspiring to make a substantial impact outside the ring. Paul’s belief in the United States possessing the best boxers motivates his support for Team USA in the iconic contest.