Rafael Fiziev wants to retaliate against Bobby Green following PED accusations

UFC lightweight Rafael Fiziev said he lost respect towards former opponent Bobby Green after Green went on JRE along with his father and accused him of PED use.

Rafael Fiziev and Bobby Green exchanged blows inside the octagon back in August of last year. They clashed for 25 minutes and Rafael Fiziev came out victorious via unanimous decision. Nothing dramatic happened afterwards. Both athletes seemed respectful in the fall out. But that would all change after Bobby Green and his father Jacob Behney went on the Joe Rogan podcast.

There, Green accused Fiziev of using PEDs. The accusation stems from the fact that Fiziev usually trains in Thailand where  the USADA allegedly isn’t testing.

“If you train in Thailand I’ll be kind of suspect about you. Because they can get d–gs over the counter like, like ste–ids and s–t like that, like cough syrup. ”

Rogan was quick to question the narrative: ‘Don’t the USADA visit Thailand?”

To which Green’s father replied: “F— no. “Let me tell you , me talking about it- I’m not afraid to talk about it.”
“Well, I’m glad you’re here then.” – Rogan insisted

Green went on to claim Fiziev was anxious about taking his shirt to weigh in – which he was instructed to do by the UFC.

“He was like, what take our shirt off. We’re gonna take my shirt off. The only show that acne back it back near his you know. So I caught on to it already. And so he didn’t take his shirt off. I was the only one to take my shirt off. ”

The two alleged Fiziev had back acne.

Rafael Fiziev was clearly irritated when he heard of the accusations. During his recent appearance on Submission Radio, the 29-year-old Fiziev was baffled by the accusation and said he lost respect towards Green.

“Bobby Green, before, I respected him a lot. I respected him a lot and I talked about him only good, only nice stuff. But now I understand he’s a f*cking salty ex. He’s a f*cking salty ex, because why you talk this sh*t about me? Man, I’m scared to use BCAA’s. I’m scared to use just protein.” Fiziev said.

Fiziev went on to explain that he’s timid about putting anything into his body:

“Sometimes I have head pain, I’m scared to use just pills for my head pain. And this guy, he goes and talks about me like this? Maximum what I drink – I can show you now what I drink everyday. I drink multivitamin, Vitamin C and calcium. That’s it. That’s it what I drink. And this man goes and talks sh*t about me, and his coach also.” Fiziev added.

Fiziev went a bit far and vowed to retaliate against Green and his father/coach

“He’s coming to Tiger Muay Thai before, and I don’t see him, I don’t know him. He lied about me. Like, what he’s saying, some of his friends or his students go and ask me about staph infection and I said, ‘oh, you need to go buy steroids?’ Go to f*ck you. For sure if I see this coach in real life I’ll slap him.”

“Because why you lie for nothing? He just going to Joe Rogan cause he have a big fanbase and millions of people watch him, and he goes and talks sh*t about me for nothing. Just go and talk s*it. And Bobby, he’s a dog. Stray dog.”

Fiziev is scheduled to meet Rafael Dos Anjos on July 8th. Oddly, Green also accused Dos Anjos of using PEDs back in 2015.

“I’m not even attacking him,” Green said. “I’m just going to let it be known that he’s a great fighter, I saw his talents, I saw him coming. But the point is that it looks a little funny to me, that’s all I’m saying.

“It’s [like] how Barry Bonds started hitting home runs.”

Barry Bonds is one of the infamous cases of PED use that involved Victor Conte of the infamous PED Balco labs operation.

Dos Anjos shrugged off the accusations at the time.

“I don’t think I have to prove anything to anybody,” dos Anjos said. “I’ve been in this game for a long time. So, if it’s Cerrone or Khabib or this guy McGregor comes to my division, I’ll make sure I’ll be there.”