Poirier slams Joe Rogan for biased commentary: “I can’t believe he said that”

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier voiced his discontent with Joe Rogan’s commentary following his win over Benoit Saint-Denis at UFC 299.

Poirier rebounded from his previous defeat to Justin Gaethje with an impressive knockout victory in the second round in Florida. His outstanding performance not only secured him the Fight of the Night award but also an additional $50,000.

Poirier’s prominence in the UFC has soared, particularly after achieving consecutive victories over Conor McGregor. His remarkable journey has etched his name in the annals of UFC history, earning him widespread recognition.

However, UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s commentary during Poirier’s match raised eyebrows. This was particularly because of his remarks about Poirier’s stamina. Despite Poirier’s comfortable win, Rogan questioned Poirier’s stamina and stated that he seemed worn out in the first round.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Poirier refuted Rogan’s comments. He expressed disbelief at Rogan’s assessment, emphasizing his ability to sustain intense matches for extended periods without fatigue.

Poirier stated: “I re-watched the fight last night with my wife when we got back to Louisiana. Joe Rogan said I was exhausted, said I was tired like five times. Bro, I do not get tired. I have some of the best cardio in this fight s*** that we do. Like, I can go 25 minutes, hard, cracking the whole time. I can’t believe he said that. I felt good.”

“I felt like he was going to slow down, you know. That’s what I was hoping for, I thought third or fourth round is when I would really start to like, pull away and break him down. But I got him out of there in the second.”

“I thought I was gonna have to break him down, wear him down a little bit more but I caught him in the middle of a trade when his chin was up and his body wasn’t set for that right hook. The timing of it was just perfect to whip his brain around.”

Even Conor McGregor who last competed against Poirier in 2021, acknowledged the bout’s intensity on social media. McGregor commended them for their performance.

He wrote: “Great fight out of them French boys tonight! Toutes nos felicitations.”

When questioned about McGregor’s remark at his news conference after the match, Poirier humorously remarked: “He felt that right hook, too.”

In January 2021, Poirier landed a right-hook in his rematch with McGregor. The hook sent McGregor to the ground. Poirier then then landed several hard punches to end the bout.