PFL wants Jake Paul to make MMA debut against ‘big name’ in 2023

Jake Paul has not given up on his ambition of transitioning to MMA despite his recent defeat by Tommy Fury. The PFL has confirmed that Paul’s MMA debut is still on track for 2023, and they are actively searching for an opponent for him to face.


Jake Paul has made no secret of his desire to compete in MMA, and his ongoing feud with UFC president Dana White has prevented him from doing so. However, he recently signed a deal with the PFL to join their ‘Super’ division and finally make the switch.

While his first opponent in MMA is yet to be confirmed, the PFL is reportedly discussing several options for the YouTube star. Speaking to MMAMania, PFL’s Loren Mack confirmed that Jake Paul is in the gym and taking his training very seriously, suggesting that he is committed to making a success of his MMA career.

“Jake Paul is absolutely going to fight in 2023, I mean, that’s, that’s been the plan all along. I know, he’s in the gym, and he’s training, taking it very seriously. So expect to see him in the PFL cage in 2023, and it’s going to be MMA.”

Mack noted that there is “nothing concrete yet” about Jake’s opponent, but there have been a few discussions. “If you know Jake, he will want a big name for his debut,” he added.

Jake Paul’s loss to Tommy Fury in February this year threw his MMA debut plans into doubt, with rumors suggesting that he may need to put them on hold to focus on a rematch with Fury. However, it seems that he is still determined to make his MMA debut in 2023 as planned.


Jake Paul signed a “multi-year” deal with the PFL prior to his loss to Tommy Fury, and despite the setback, it seems that the promotion is still keen to work with him. There is no doubt that Jake Paul’s MMA debut will generate plenty of interest, and he will undoubtedly be looking to face a high-profile opponent to maximize his exposure.