PED expert answers Kamaru Usman’s call out and addresses stomach scars

Kamaru Usman is once again in the news having addressed PED accusations during his recent guest spot on the Joe Rogan Experience. Nigerian Nightmare is back from KO loss over Leon Edwards he suffered a week ago at UFC 278.

Usman was previously subject to plenty of PED abuse rumors with former competitors going so far as to call him ‘CEO of EPO’ and to highlight several sketchy signs of PED use that can be observed on Usman, whether they’re true or not.


Among the evidence that makes Usman suspect are his acne, especially the back acne and stomach bumps.

But according to Usman – there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for these stomach bumps.

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Usman explained:

“Of course, people accuse me all the time, and I never really told my story,” Usman told Joe Rogan on his podcast. “So one day I kept seeing people tagging me in this video. It’s some f****** guy, some dumbass that is on YouTube that swears he can spot people on PEDs.”

“… So they point to marks on my stomach. I have five scars on my stomach. You know, like burn discoloration on my stomach. So they took that and came up with this whole theory about it. It kind of hurt my feelings.”

Well here’s where it gets interesting – ‘that guy’ responded to Usman’s revelation.

For starters the expert denies concluding that the bumps on Usman’s stomach are indicative of PED use. This is actually true. The same expert previously pointed to similar bumps on stomach’s of Khamzat Chimaev, Jon Jones and others explaining that these are unlikely injection spots in addition to sharing:

“This is a fatty deposit, that’s a very slow growing, it’s essentially a benign tumor. This is something that is non carcinogenic, or at least you’d hope. So, as far as I know, the majority of them, if not all of them are essentially benign. And they are just slow growing like fat deposits in the subcutaneous layer. ”

“So this is something that is genetic, to some extent as well. I don’t know if it’s diet related, if it’s any, like a lot of it is genetic predisposition at the end of the day. And the reason you can see it in these guys mainly is because they’re so lean. So when you have this mark up here, this mark up here, these bumps all over the f–ing place, it’s a result of your lack of body fat and lack of subcutaneous water to for a lot of these guys doing heavy weight cuts, and you see any sort of abnormalities appear on the surface of the skin or otherwise they would have been shrouded in fat and water. ”

And while this is valid the PED expert went on to ridicule Usman’s take that ‘PEDs don’t even cross his mind’.

“What the f**k is a PED?”

” There’s PEDs in MMA? The f*k …”

Derek of More plates more dates went on to deny that Usman was talking about him or his infamous video. And went on to add that if he were looking for an injection site he would be looking for signs of irritation around the belly button.

“And the likelihood that it’s going to yield a mark that looks like this is extremely unlikely, like the fact that it is vertically, going down his abdominal wall from top to bottom, like literally almost to as goddamn dank, you know, I would be if I was going to look for an injection site mark I would be looking for, like, some sort of irritation in this area. ”

“the likelihood you’re going to see the manifestation of some sort of scarring or anything of that nature on the spot is so low, like if you look at a diabetic stomach, do they have you know, like, giant f**king welts all over the place like this? No, you know, like, they might have, you know, some irritation after you know, 1000s and 1000s of shots, but it’s nothing. ”

“I just think that this was an easy cop out because this is actually probably what f**king happened I think he actually had these moles that probably got burned off that’s so you know, it’s just interesting how he went on a you know, five minute tangent about the story and then completely overlooked all the other stuff that was mentioned because you know, people hold that against them too. And if it was complete horseshit, “