PED expert analyzes Conor McGregor’s miraculous 32 lbs gain

Here at we often discuss the art of PED use in professional sports. While most martial artists have modest means at their disposal – Conor McGregor is an outlier. To boot, McGregor hasn’t actually been tested by USADA in 9 months. This effectively means he’s ‘retired’ from the pool and free to do as he pleases. Considering the severity of his previous injury – it’s no surprise he could be tempted into trying to manipulate biology to his own advantage.

A well respected doping expert – Derek of More Plates More Dates fame, recently addressed McGregor’s miraculous ‘gain’ and analyzed some of the evidence surrounding his transformation from walking around at 170lbs to significantly bigger.

McGregor’s physique in many ways looks vastly different than what he started with.

The PED expert starts with an apt remark – that McGregor was last tested during the 3rd quarter of 2021.

“q3 He had a one test, one test and then q4 none so he is and when he got to 22 it’s like okay, let’s see no tests in 2022 So he has essentially been not tested for almost a year at this point”

The expert was quick to address McGregor’s new bald spot.

Upon reviewing the picture above Derek added:

“These are all you know telltale androgenic side effects that have you know, I guess not been apparent on him in the past.”

But then Derek went on to play Devil’s advocate saying:

“He’s in his mid 30s. This is not uncommon to see hair loss occurring. And you know, maybe he’s not on medication for it, maybe he’s just, you know, thinks he’s genetically f***ing immaculate. A lot of times guys just don’t even notice how bad it’s getting up here because you can’t actually really see it while you’re styling your hair you notice, oftentimes, like by accident when you see a picture, like I wouldn’t be surprised of him noticing it for the first time. ”


“Yeah, it’s a telltale of, you know, enhanced androgenic activity, but it’s also a progressively occurring thing with natural hormones. So I’m not like, to me, this isn’t the red flag.”

As for McGregor’s stomach acne, Derek added:
“but it’s not, you know, something that is indicative, like, Yup, he’s definitely on the f***ing sauce train, and then a few pimples. It’s like, come on, bro. It’s not like he exploded an acne necessarily. So that is a bit of a reach, in my opinion, although, you know, I understand it gets people talking. ”

What Derek did point out as an interesting question mark is the amount of testing McGregor underwent leading up to injury recovery:

“And in 2021, he actually got tested, I think the most times or was tied for the most tests he’s ever had back in 2016. He had 11 tests, six tests in 2017 11. In 2018 2019, was 720 20 was 820 21 was 11. So he was tested, like tied for the most amount of times he’s been tested last year. But the interesting thing about that is when you break it down by quarters, quarter one, he had four tests. quarter two, he had six, so he’s already a 10 test by mid year 2021. q3, he had one test, one test, and then q4, none. ”

“Either way, this guy is like, nine to 12 months almost have no no testing whatsoever, no scrutiny.”

“Now, there’s obviously talks of him getting back in the ring and there is you know, definitely just cause to have them be subjected to random testing. So it’s kind of odd to me how that he’s exempt from this right now. And it’s also coincidental that the guy is packed on 32 pounds of muscle during this time.”

And it certainly is eyebrow raising. Check out the full video below