Paddy Pimblett still thinks he won at UFC 282, and only Joe Rogan’s disapproval got to him

Paddy Pimblett still maintains that he beat Jared Gordon in their controversial decision at UFC 282. However, he has recognized that the outing wasn’t as “dominant” as he initially thought.

Initially Pimblett directed critics to ‘suck his a**ehole’ even though it was apparent everyone from Joe Rogan to Sean O’Malley disagreed with the judges decision.

In the aftermath of the lightweight bout, the public outcry from fans, athletes, and media lasted for weeks, Pimblett was the target of all the backlash.

Joe Rogan wasn’t kind to Pimblett in the fall out from the decision, which is out of character. Rogan had Gordon’s teammate on the JRE MMA podcast and the two ripped into Paddy for not evolving and basically using his camps as fat camp.

“You know, I don’t like when someone gets by just they’re famous and they have a big personality and and everybody loves them. The problem with that is people are going to be rooting against him now in the next”

“And so now he’s going to go in there against someone and maybe he’s going to go in against someone who’s on another level, like, one more level up. And he’s going to be in trouble.”

“Someone said that, too, that his fights are like fat camps. Yeah. Yeah. They’re really not like training camps. Where you’re going over skills as much as he’s just. He’s got very good skills, but now he’s just trying to lose weight.”

“He gets so big, his big pie face.”

Pimblett recently reacted to the comments in an interview but doubled down on his own estimate:


“I don’t care what most armchairs say to be honest, you know what I mean? That doesn’t bother me,” Pimblett said. “When pros like Nate Diaz and that say that you’re not winning, Joe Rogan says that you don’t win, that’s when you think, ‘F*cking hell.’ But people sitting on their armchair and comment on my YouTube and my Instagram, I don’t care about it. It’s actual pros who thought I lost.”