Paddy Pimblett out of surgery, wants a rematch with Jared Gordon

After a successful ankle surgery, lightweight contender Paddy Pimblett will soon be able to return to UFC again.

Recently, Paddy blamed the injury for his subpar performance at UFC 282. In the event, he controversially defeated Jared Gordon by unanimous decision.

Many spectators and competitors believed Jared Gordon did enough to cause Paddy Pimblett to suffer his first UFC defeat. However, all three judges saw the bout differently and awarded Paddy the win. Paddy subsequently acknowledged that Nate Diaz’s and Joe Rogan’s comments hurt him.

Rogan in particular was super critical saying:

“You know, I don’t like when someone gets by just they’re famous and they have a big personality and and everybody loves them. The problem with that is people are going to be rooting against him now in the next”

“And so now he’s going to go in there against someone and maybe he’s going to go in against someone who’s on another level, like, one more level up. And he’s going to be in trouble.”

Someone said that, too, that his fights are like fat camps. Yeah. Yeah. They’re really not like training camps. Where you’re going over skills as much as he’s just. He’s got very good skills, but now he’s just trying to lose weight.”

“He gets so big, his big pie face.”

Speaking from his hospital bed, Paddy said:

“I want to punch his head in towards the end of the year. I am going to run it back. I hope he beats Bobby Green, because I’ll snap his arm for him in a round. Had a boxing match with him and I still won, because you’re s**t.”

“I hope he watches this. You’re f**king dog s**t. At my worst, you couldn’t beat me at your best. Injured, everything going wrong, and you couldn’t beat me on my worst day, and I beat you on your best, because you’re a little bum.”

Obviously he’d like to get one back against Gordon, and he’s also clearly aware that he’s far from what it takes to get ranked at lightweight currently.

Pimblett previously expressed an opinion that he likely won’t be back until the last trimester of the year due to surgery and a wedding to longtime fiance.

It would be great to see Pimblett get his weight under control enough to be able to perform at the highest level.

Gordon replied to the challenge on twitter saying: