Paddy Pimblett could be out of action until next year as injury “worse than expected”

Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett became a UFC star after his debut in September 2021. The 28-year-old easily defeated his first three UFC opponents, all via finishes. With the addition of his energetic personality, Pimblett easily rose to fame, especially among UK fans.

However, his latest was quite a mess. Pimblett took on Jared Gordon at UFC 282 last December. He was dominated by Gordon, who landed more significant strikes on him. Gordon even scored several successful takedowns.

It was pretty clear that Gordon was the better man that night. However, Pimblett was announced as the winner via a unanimous decision, which caused huge controversy. It has since been regarded as the worst robbery in 2022.

Following the match, Pimblett’s face was free from bruises. But, he was visibly limping on several occasions. It was later revealed that Pimblett had injured his ankle in the first round. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Pimblett detailed how he got the injury.

β€œI hurt my foot in the first round, the first minute or two, threw a kick and hurt it. I felt it but cracked on and got through”

“I can remember going back to the medical room and saying, ‘My foot’s sore here’. I couldn’t get it looked at properly until I got back home,” Pimblett said.

Pimblett has undergone several surgeries to fix his ankle. Judging from his condition, he speculates that he might be out of action until next year.

β€œIt was a lot worse than they [doctors] thought. I had to get inner and outer ligament surgery and reconstruction. So it’s big. I have already been on crutches for six-and-a-half weeks; it could be another six weeks.” Pimblett said.

Pimblett concluded that he’s unlikely to compete before December.

He was also rumored to be in talks to face Drew Dober, but he has since debunked the rumor.