Ouch? Joe Rogan bends oveer backwards to entice Joey Diaz to move to Texas, leaves Brendan Schaub hanging

Joe Rogan’s monumental move to Texas, fueled by the groundbreaking Spotify deal that revolutionized podcasting, has not only reshaped the landscape of the industry but also prompted a significant relocation for the comedian and his close associates. Rogan, known for financing the move for friends and colleagues, recently made a public offer to longtime friend Joey Diaz to join him in Texas.

While Rogan has successfully convinced several from his inner circle to make the move, Joey Diaz had been apprehensive about potential fallout from the Spotify media controversy. Diaz, adopting a low-profile strategy similar to Eddie Bravo, aimed to avoid becoming entangled in the media storm surrounding Rogan’s transition.

However, recent developments suggest that Joey Diaz might be considering emerging from his self-imposed hiatus. Diaz reappeared on the Joe Rogan podcast and even participated in the Fight Companion podcast during UFC 297. During these interactions, Rogan openly extended an invitation to Diaz to relocate to Texas, emphasizing his desire for Diaz to make the move.

“We brought the king of New Jersey, Ladies and gentlemen, the best. We’ve been trying to get him to move here for three years. Keep telling me to go f**k myself,” Rogan expressed, kicking off the conversation with Diaz.

In an effort to entice Diaz, Rogan further committed, stating, “Listen, I’ll buy you a house.” Despite the generous offer, Diaz remained cautious and inquired about potential work opportunities in Texas. Rogan swiftly addressed the concern, offering Diaz a residency at the Mothership comedy club three days a week.

The viral moment not only highlighted Rogan’s persistence in convincing Diaz to join the Texas relocation but also showcased a stark contrast to the situation with Brendan Schaub. Schaub, another member of Rogan’s inner circle, expressed his willingness to move to Fort Worth, Texas, only to receive a cold shoulder from Rogan. Schaub, despite getting a Texas tattoo in anticipation of the move, is yet to receive an invitation to perform at Rogan’s newly established signature Comedy Club, the Mothership.

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