Oscar Del La Hoya applauds the bravery it takes for a mixed martial artist to attempt to transition to boxing

Oscar Del La Hoya shares insights on the influx of MMA fighters transitioning to boxing, highlighting the courage and self-belief required for such a move. The boxing legend commends the admirable endeavor of these athletes while debunking claims about their financial gains, asserting that they are indeed making significant earnings in the boxing ring.

In a recent interview, Oscar Del La Hoya addressed the ongoing trend of MMA stars crossing over into the realm of boxing. Acknowledging the challenges they face, he expressed admiration for their boldness, emphasizing the necessity of unwavering self-confidence and skill in facing elite boxers.


Del La Hoya dismissed notions that MMA fighters are not financially benefiting from their foray into boxing, countering claims made by figures like Dana White.

“I heard Dana White… say MMA fighters are not making more money in boxing and all I can say or do is laugh, like, are you kidding me?”

“Why do you think MMA fighters are going into boxing and crossing over to fight – for the payday? That’s it. That’s the bottom line. And to add to test their skill, which is admirable, because an MMA fighter going into a ring with an elite fighter not only takes balls. Excuse my language, but you have to believe in yourself and your skill.”

The boxing icon asserted that stepping into the boxing ring against an elite competitor requires both bravery and self-assuredness. He applauded the MMA fighters for their commitment to this challenging endeavor, noting that their pursuit goes beyond monetary gains. Del La Hoya’s remarks challenged the narrative that these athletes are not financially thriving in the boxing arena.

These claims are not hard to validate. Just last week, Ngannou’s coach Erick Nicksick reflected on the ‘life changing’ money he received from Ngannou for coaching him through Tyson Fury event.