OnlyFans rival offers Dillon Danis $100K job after embarassing loss to Logan Paul

Following Logan Paul’s boxing victory against Dillon Danis, OnlyFans competitor ‘My.Club’ has made Danis a $100,000 offer to serve as the platform’s ‘Head BJ(J) Trainer’.

Logan Paul recently clinched a decisive victory over Dillon Danis at the AO Arena in Manchester. The two finally ended months of escalating tension in the lead-up to the Prime card.

Since the matchup was announced, Danis stirred the pot by sharing images of Paul’s fiance Nina Agdal alongside other men. This eventually resulted in Danis being charged with a lawsuit.

Throughout the bout, Danis struggled and ultimately failed to execute a guillotine choke on Paul. This pivotal moment sparked a heated brawl, and Paul was declared the winner by disqualification.

With the dust settling, it seemed like Danis’ boxing career seems to have reached its conclusion. But now, a new opportunity has arisen for him.

In a candid open letter, My.Club’s Vice President Mike Ford extended an unconventional offer to Danis.

Ford wrote: “You were humiliated by Logan Paul on Saturday in the ring. He thoroughly outboxed you, and you had to resort to pulling a guillotine choke. Now that your fighting career is officially over, I’m sure you’re looking for new career ventures.”

“I’d like to formally extend you an offer to serve as the ‘Head BJ(J) Trainer’ for My.Club, a leading platform for adult content creators. In your role, you will give BJJ tutorials to post to your profile via photo and video and provide fans with video call sessions teaching them Brazilian Jiu Jitsu basics.”

Ford encouraged Danis to take the time to weigh the offer, which encompasses a generous compensation of $100,000 for a year’s commitment.

As of now, Danis has yet to provide a response to this intriguing proposition. But he remains steadfast in his belief that he emerged victorious in the larger war against Logan Paul, despite the DQ loss.