No the viral ‘video of Jamahal Hill knocking out his brother’ is not REAL

A surprising video is making rounds on the internet where former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamal Hill appears to knock out his brother. The incident supposedly unfolds after a confrontation sparked by his brother’s alleged misbehavior towards their mother.

The caption accompanying the video asserts that Hill did the right thing, standing up against his brother’s assault on their mom. The caption on the video said: “Jamahal Hill did the right thing here. His brother tried assaulting his mom, but he beat him to the punch. Hill deserves an apology.”

But upon closer scrutiny, doubts arise about the identity of the man in the video being the former UFC Champion. Observant fans noticed a significant difference between the individual in the video and the actual UFC contender.

However, there is a genuine incident involving Hill and his brother, James Hill. This incident unfolded in December 2023 during Thanksgiving.

As reported, the confrontation ignited when Hill requested his brother James and his wife to clean his abandoned apartment and offered them $300 for the task. The situation escalated into a heated argument, with Hill ultimately resorting to violence.

The altercation between the Hill brothers took a distressing turn as the disagreement over the cleanliness of the apartment and family matters intensified. Jamahal Hill allegedly sucker-punched his brother, leaving him “dazed” with significant facial swelling.

The investigation reported that Jamahal Hill’s children were in the room at the time of the occurrence.


Hill said: “The people who know me and know my character and truly, truly rock with me and know who I am, hold onto that and stay true to that. That’s all I’m a say on that.”

Currently, Jamahal Hill is set to face Alex Pereira in the main event of UFC 300. He will be competing for the light-heavyweight championship on April 13 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.