No Joke: Tony Ferguson pursuing education at Harvard

Back in May we reported on an interesting development in the life of former interim champion Tony Ferguson. Tony Ferguson had a long winded interview with Ariel Helwani airing many of his grievances when he delivered this nugget:

” I even told my told lawyer: ‘I was like, I want to go back to school, I want to get my degree” so I have a choice between Stanford and Harvard to get my business degree. And we’re going to make that happen too so there’s a couple things I want to do. “


And now it appears that this is a reality and Ferguson is pursuing a degree at Harvard.

“I’m already going back to school for business in Harvard in about a month and a couple of weeks, actually. So I kept my word and I’m keeping my word. So you guys. You guys are always going to go back to school? Yeah, right now I’m going back to school, going for my business credentials from Harvard and my, my, uh, my buddy Lloyd and.”

“And Vitor Belfort. They’re helping me with that. And after that, I’m going to go back to school and get my PT. So I’m going to keep my word like I’ve always have. And I’m going to go back home and do this s*it and do that s*it. It’s like me going back to school and college.”

Ferguson suffered the fifth consecutive defeat last night against Nate Diaz. White blamed Ferguson’s corner for the mistake that led to the submission. According to Ferguson himself he was preparing for Jingliang leading him to work on a different gameplan – one that backfired against Diaz because of the different stance. When Ferguson shot for a takedown against Diaz, he was caught in a guillotine and forced to submit. This was the first time Ferguson had been submitted in the cage in a long time. Previously he refused to tap to an devastating armbar against Charles Oliveira and a heel hook against Beniel Dariush.