Tony Ferguson wants to go back to school to pursue a degree – deciding between Harvard and Stanford

Tony Ferguson had a long winded interview with Ariel Helwani last night. The interim lightweight champion had ranted on a variety of topics and revealed some interesting facts about himself in process.

Ferguson has been keeping out of the public eye for a long time now and is reportedly contemplating going back to school.

Ferguson, 38, is on a four fight losing streak and was close to retiring in fall out from Michael Chandler knock out.

 ” if I didn’t do good in that first round, I would have called it quits. I would say, ‘F*** this, I’m retiring, I’ll go find something, I’ll coach everybody to be at this high level.'”


Ferguson reportedly had a memory loss in addition to headaches following the front kick knock out.

“I took a big kick to the dome this past Saturday inside that Octagon,” wrote Ferguson. “It put me out for a longtime.”

“It was a scary feeling not remembering anything from beginning of second round all the way until I walked up to the ambulance. I thank god everyday I made the trip back to reality. All jokes aside, I didn’t mean to scare you all, should have done things different ”

But perhaps the most interesting part of the interview had Tony Ferguson contemplating going back to school. Ferguson revealed:

 ” I even told my told lawyer: ‘I was like, I want to go back to school, I want to get my degree” so I have a choice between Stanford and Harvard to get my business degree. And we’re going to make that happen too so there’s a couple things I want to do. “

“And I’m not going to I’m not going to shy away from it – I’m going to really go after it. I’m going to keep myself busy and and not surround myself around people not doing what I do. And you know and just find the right people to to keep learning from, to ask good questions and get the coaching you know”