Ngannou: Fury rematch likely in 2024, but Fury-Usyk rematch might be prioritized

After coming close to finishing Tyson Fury in their epic clash last October, Francis Ngannou is hungry for another crack at the heavyweight boxing king.

In a recent interview, Ngannou expressed confidence that he can avenge the loss if given a second opportunity in a guest appearance on the MMA Hour. “I know I have what it takes to beat Fury,” Ngannou stated. “I felt I was just getting warmed up when our fight ended.”

Though he lost by decision, Ngannou believes the rematch would go much differently. He pointed specifically to the third round knockdown as proof he can hurt Fury. “When I landed that shot, I saw that Fury was shaken. Next time, I will finish the job.”

Not only does Ngannou want to exact revenge, but he also sees huge financial incentive in Fury rematch. Their first fight broke revenue records for a debuting boxer, and interest would be even higher in the sequel.

Ngannou also recognizes the cultural impact of them competing in a mega-event. “For the continent of Africa, Fury vs Ngannou 2 would be history,” he stated.

Of course, Ngannou first has a significant test ahead of him in March against Anthony Joshua. But the UFC legend is using that event to prepare for an even bigger one down the road.

“Fury better watch the Joshua fight closely,” Ngannou said. “Because I’m going to show him what’s coming for him next.”

Contractually, Ngannou and Fury rematch has a one year term on it.

“Our term was our rematch term was in 1 year. Within 1 year, which still gonna be in October (2024) year. “

Unfortunately for MMA fans, Fury Usyk rematch is potentially contractually set for a shorter term, meaning we’re probably likely to see them rematch first.

“So I think they have, like, a this their their term is even closer.”