Ngannou asked Tyson to corner him against Tyson Fury staggering FOUR years ago

Francis Ngannou had a dream that came true four years later.

Four years ago, Ngannou met legendary heavyweight champion Mike Tyson when he wasn’t even a top contender for the UFC belt. At that time, Tyson Fury was gearing up for a rematch with Deontay Wilder.

During a podcast appearance moment, Ngannou made a unique request to Tyson – to be in his corner when he boxes Tyson Fury.

Fast forward four years, and this dream has become a reality. “Iron Mike” is now training Ngannou for his debut boxing match against Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia, despite being the underdog. The two rivals recently squared off for the first time at a luxurious press conference in London.

“Four years ago, I met Mike Tyson for the very first time, and for many of you who know me, you know that for me, Mike Tyson is the best to have ever done this,” Ngannou shared with the media. “In our conversation, one thing I precisely requested from Mike Tyson was that whenever I fight Tyson Fury, would he be in my corner?”

Ngannou emphasized the significance of this moment, saying, “Mike Tyson is in my corner for my first boxing match; this is real, I’m living the dream. The motivation, the wisdom, the knowledge he brings are unique. He has been there tens of times, hundreds of times, so he knows a lot about the game, and if there’s one person I can trust as far as boxing is concerned, it’s Mike Tyson.”

For Ngannou, boxing has always been a dream, but his tight UFC contract held him back. However, now, after his contract ended, he’s fulfilling that dream with a boxing bout against Tyson Fury, where he’ll earn a substantial eight-figure sum compared to the $600,000 he received for his last world title defense.

This collaboration between Francis Ngannou and Mike Tyson has added an intriguing layer of anticipation to the upcoming showdown between Ngannou and Tyson Fury, making it a must-watch event for boxing enthusiasts around the world.