New allegations of sexual coercion against Andrew Tate emerge in 300-page case file

Fresh revelations have come to light in the case involving Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, as Romanian prosecutors compile a comprehensive 300-page case file alleging sexual coercion and exploitation.

The Tate brothers, Andrew aged 36 and Tristan aged 35, were apprehended last December alongside two Romanian women on charges encompassing human trafficking, rape, and orchestrating a criminal syndicate aimed at exploiting women sexually. Following a period of house arrest, both brothers were recently granted permission by a Romanian court to venture outside their Bucharest residence for the first time this year.

While maintaining their innocence, the British-American siblings are now facing a new set of allegations. According to the BBC, which has obtained access to the extensive case file, Andrew Tate is alleged to have assumed a leadership role in an adult content enterprise that prosecutors argue is essentially a human trafficking operation.

The file showcases disconcerting accounts from women who claim to have been coerced by Andrew Tate. One woman reported that after declining to participate in group sexual activities, Andrew referred to her using derogatory language and made explicit threats. Another woman alleges that Andrew subjected her to physical violence and issued threats involving pregnancy and confinement.

Georgiana Naghel, one of the Romanian women implicated in the case, is said to have overseen finances related to an OnlyFans platform. Prosecutors assert that Naghel distributed sums of money to the women involved in OnlyFans videos, yet the exact earnings remained undisclosed. Allegedly, Naghel also imposed financial penalties on the women for various reasons, exacerbating their debts. Both Naghel and her co-defendant, Luana Radu, have denied these allegations.

The case file sheds light on text exchanges between Tristan and Naghel, with one conversation alluding to the business’s management. Andrew Tate’s involvement is detailed in a message wherein he is said to confirm Tristan and Naghel’s roles, with him assuming a leadership position.

However, it’s important to note that the BBC has been unable to verify the authenticity of certain text messages, as the original evidence has not been included in the provided summary document. A spokesperson for the Tates has categorically refuted the allegations, while the brothers’ legal team is anticipated to challenge the prosecution’s evidence during an upcoming hearing.

Included in the case file are transcripts of audio messages from 2020, wherein Tristan is purported to express his desire to control the online accounts of women associated with platforms like OnlyFans. The transcription suggests a troubling intention to exploit these women’s labor extensively, underscoring concerns of coercion and control.

The unfolding legal proceedings are poised to offer more insights into the intricate details of the allegations against the Tate brothers and their associates, with the credibility of the evidence set to be a focal point of scrutiny.