Nate Robinson Needs Fans to Stop Trolling Him About Jake Paul KO Loss

 Former NBA star Nate Robinson is pleading with fans to stop trolling him about his knockout loss to Jake Paul in their November 2020 boxing match. Robinson, who stands just 5’9″, took on the much taller 6’1″ Paul in the undercard bout, getting dropped brutally in the second round.

While the former three-time NBA Dunk Contest champion knew he was taking a risk stepping into the ring against Paul, he didn’t expect to be incessantly mocked over a year later. In a recent video message, a frustrated Robinson said:

“He just got me, wrong. It was a good one, but he had it on me. But it’s cool. I took my L. I got knocked out. Cool. Whatever.”

Robinson admitted Paul landed a good shot, but asked fans to give it a rest and stop rubbing the loss in his face constantly. He even jokingly warned Paul not to try taking on Mike Tyson next, knowing fans would ridicule him endlessly if Paul somehow pulled that off too.

“What if Jake Paul beats Mike Tyson? You all got to leave me alone now. I was the first one that the guy…The guy got it. Cool. Respectfully, alright cool. Can y’all leave me alone?”

The 38-year-old seems to have taken the KO loss in stride, simply wanting fans to move on at this point instead of continuing to troll him over the viral footage of him faceplanting on the canvas. While he knew better than to expect an easy fight against the younger Paul, the unrelenting mockery appears to be getting old.

Whether fans will actually heed Robinson’s pleas remains to be seen. The memorable knockout was one of the biggest cultural moments in recent combat sports history, ensuring the memes and replays will likely follow Robinson for years to come.