Nate Diaz’s nursed a shoulder injury, would prefer a rematch at 175lbs

Gilbert Melendez suggests that a rematch between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz in the boxing ring is the go to move, especially considering Diaz’s alleged injury before the match.

Nate Diaz’s debut in the boxing world against Jake Paul generated substantial buzz, marking it as one of the most significant matchups in recent times. Although the former UFC title contender didn’t emerge victorious on the scorecards, he showed his trademark antics in the ring as he even briefly toyed with a guillotine.

In the lead-up to the contest, Paul expressed his aspirations to cross paths with Diaz again in the future. He wants to venture into the realm of MMA by making his debut against the seasoned 38-year-old.

However, Diaz appeared largely disinterested in engaging in extensive promotional activities or trash talk during the build-up.

Former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez was present at the boxing event in Dallas to support his close friend and training partner. He shared intriguing perspectives during an interview with Damon Martin several days after the event.

Melendez voiced his eagerness for a potential rematch and commented: “Nate destroys this guy in MMA, I’d love to see it. I’d love to see it in boxing again too, run it back in boxing and then do it in MMA. Nate’s shoulder was hurt, I wouldn’t mind running it back and I think they should do it at 175 [pounds]. I think that’s the fair thing to do.”


During the build-up to Diaz’s debut boxing appearance, it was evident that the former lightweight title challenger would be at a size disadvantage in the 185-pound bout. But the fact that Diaz was competing with a shoulder injury prior to the contest was not known.

Despite Melendez’s assertive stance on the result of a potential MMA showdown between Diaz and Paul, Jake Paul continues to display interest in the matchup. He will be making his debut in MMA under the PFL banner.