Nate Diaz: I would Eff up Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua in a real fight

The perpetual debate between MMA and boxing aficionados regarding the superiority of each discipline has long been a focal point in combat sports. However, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan once delivered a concise perspective on this contentious topic through a compelling one-minute video, offering valuable insights.

Recently, the discourse surrounding this debate intensified with the resurgence of crossover fights, notably exemplified by Francis Ngannou’s showdown against Tyson Fury. Despite initial expectations favoring Fury in what essentially amounted to a boxing match, Ngannou’s astounding performance defied odds.

Even though Ngannou ultimately fell short via a split decision, his remarkable display of skill, including knocking down the heavyweight champion, left spectators in awe.

This event shattered the conventional belief that boxers inherently outclass MMA athletes in boxing encounters, igniting a fresh wave of discussions among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

UFC star Nate Diaz recently injected further fuel into the discourse with his bold claims regarding his capabilities against heavyweight boxing champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

In a candid interview, Diaz emphatically asserted, “They don’t stand a chance. Yeah, right. We got everybody going boxing Mayweather. Well, I would mess them up playing a little game.”

Diaz exuded confidence, expressing his belief that even in a hypothetical scenario, he would emerge victorious against elite boxers like Fury and Joshua. Dismissing any doubts about his ability to compete at their level, Diaz stated, “I’m not concerned with these guys. If I fight any of them, I would beat them easily.”


While Diaz is renowned for his outspoken demeanor and penchant for trash talk, his assertion of superiority over two undefeated heavyweight champions is interesting. While he may lose in boxing, he’s definitely more likely to persevere in a real life scenario.