Nate Diaz admits weight gain for Paul event made him feel ‘lazy and tired’

Nate Diaz acknowledges that as he began gaining weight in preparation for his high-profile match with Jake Paul, he felt “lazy and tired.”

On August 5, combat sports fans will witness the epic encounter between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul at the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, Texas. The match has been scheduled for ten rounds, and will take place at a 185lb catchweight.

Diaz has a remarkable history in the UFC, where he spent most of his career competing at the lightweight division (155lb). After defeating Conor McGregor in 2016, he decided to make a switch to the welterweight division (170lb).

In contrast, Jake Paul typically weighs just above the 185lb limit. He weighed in at 183.6lb during his last bout against Tommy Fury.

To prepare for the match, Diaz has dedicated significant effort to pack on the pounds. The 38-year-old said that even though he has finally discovered a healthy method of bulking up, the process hasn’t been simple.

In a candid conversation on the Raw Talk podcast, Diaz revealed: “I’ve been eating a lot of food and getting heavier. I did feel [slower] at first when I was eating and trying to get big because I was on a weight gain diet, eating all kinds of stuff to get as big as I could.”

His efforts to gain weight included lifting weights, engaging in bodybuilding activities, and trying various methods. But this intensive approach had an adverse effect, leaving him tired, lazy, and drowsy.

Diaz stated: “To a certain point I was like ‘Dude, I’m lazy and tired and I’m working out like a meathead right now’. I was lifting weights, bodybuilding and all that stuff. It made me tired and lazy from carrying the extra weight, just made me drowsy.”

Realizing the detrimental impact of his initial strategy, Diaz decided to revamp his plan and find a healthier approach to bulking up. By easing up on the rigorous routine, he discovered newfound energy and enthusiasm for training.

He continued: “At a certain point I just eased up on it and created a new plan, then I had a lot more energy and started doing more things. I was eating a lot at first and blowing up as much as I could, now I do a fast for half the day and get down when I get down.”

“Before it was every two hours and I was exhausted everywhere I go, like before I was about to train. I was doing the stuff that I love to do and I’m sitting there like “Man, I don’t even want to go”

As the much-anticipated showdown with Jake Paul approaches, Nate Diaz is keen on securing victory. Should Paul emerge victorious, the plan is to arrange a rematch with Tommy Fury.