Nate Diaz addresses the possibility of throwing Jake Paul boxing bout

Nate Diaz has strongly refuted claims that he would intentionally lose his debut boxing match against Jake Paul and asserted that he would never take a fall, even if offered money to do so.

Jake Paul sought to silence critics who questioned his opponents’ boxing credentials by facing British boxer Tommy Fury. However, Paul’s defeat in that match led him to pursue a showdown with former UFC star Nate Diaz.

Scheduled for August 5th, the Diaz-Paul bout has been extended to a 10-rounder as per Diaz’s request. In the past, when Paul faced former MMA stars in boxing matches, there were rumors of MMA guys being paid to lose, but no concrete evidence ever emerged.

Diaz, however, firmly denies any intentions of taking a dive against his fellow American. Speaking on the Raw Talk podcast, the 38-year-old fighter said, “They’re like, ‘Tell me you’re not going to take a fall against Paul.’ Everybody says that to me. I’m like, are you kidding me? You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to fall on anybody ever, like what the f*** is that?”

Regarding discussions about potential match-fixing, Diaz dismissed any involvement, stating, “No, if there was, I wish there was, I would tell on him. I ain’t no snitch, bro, but I would tell on that b**** a**.”

Despite being renowned as one of the toughest competitors in UFC, Nate Diaz never secured a title during his time with the promotion. His attempt to win the BMF title in a highly anticipated fight against Jorge Masvidal ended with a stoppage in the third round.

Footage of Diaz’s sparring sessions in preparation for the event with Paul has drawn mixed reactions from fans, and many expect the YouTuber to claim another victory against the MMA star.