Musaev (30) is undefeated in MMA with nearly 20 bouts and in his PFL debut just bludgeoned a former Bellator champion

PFL stands as a prominent name in the realm of mixed martial arts promotions, garnering significant attention within the industry. Renowned for its unique league format, PFL has established itself as one of the premier platforms for showcasing the talents of skilled athletes.

The most recent installment, PFL 3: 2024 Regular Season, unfolded on April 19 in Chicago, Illinois, captivating MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

True to form, the event delivered a spectacle of thrilling matchups, pitting seasoned veterans against up-and-coming contenders. Athletes demonstrated their unwavering determination and resilience, resulting in a plethora of memorable moments and decisive finishes. However, one bout, in particular, captivated audiences with its intensity and dramatic conclusion—an eagerly anticipated welterweight clash between Shamil Musaev and Logan Storley.

From the opening bell, the match brimmed with intensity as both competitors wasted no time in engaging in a fierce exchange of strikes. The first round witnessed a relentless back-and-forth battle, with neither relenting in their pursuit of victory.

As the contest progressed into the second round, anticipation mounted among spectators, expecting a protracted encounter. Yet, Musaev defied expectations with a stunning display of skill and precision. Capitalizing on an opening created by Storley’s leg kick, Musaev unleashed a barrage of punches, swiftly turning the tide in his favor.

The force of Musaev’s onslaught sent Storley crashing to the canvas, his senses momentarily dazed. Seizing the opportunity, Musaev transitioned seamlessly into a ground-and-pound assault, delivering a decisive blow that rendered Storley unconscious—a testament to Musaev’s prowess inside the cage.

With this emphatic victory, Shamil Musaev not only secured five points in the 2024 PFL Welterweight Regular Season standings but also maintained his unblemished record, boasting an impressive tally of 17 wins and 1 draw. Conversely, Logan Storley’s defeat saw his record diminish to 15 wins and 3 losses, highlighting the unforgiving nature of professional competition.