Mokaev blasts media for giving “bullsh*t” guys like Paddy Pimblett attention

Mokaev might’ve put on an underwhelming performance last night but he more than made up for it at the no holds barred presser afterwards.

Despite representing the United Kingdom, Mokaev is no fan of Liverpool star Paddy Pimblett. The two previously clashed on social media with Pimblett having unfavorable takes on immigration.

Mokaev even went so far as to call Pimblett racist in the past.

But this is all gone now – thanks to Pimblett’s second twitter ban.

 “There’s so many guys that don’t get a lot of media attention, [that] they should get,” Mokaev said backstage at the O2, speaking to reporters. “Example, it’s Arnold Allen. It’s Leon Edwards. It’s Tom Aspinall. Nathaniel Wood. These guys are amazing, good examples.”

“I don’t disrespect the media, guys, but you give these bullsh*t guys like Paddy Pimblett attention,” he continued.

“These guys never, ever reach top 15. Like realistically, [those] who understands MMA, they will never reach [the top 15].”

Mokaev questioned Pimblett as a role model:
“I don’t think he’s a great role model for young guys. Please follow Tom Aspinall, Arnold Allen, Leon Edwards. Real men, men outside the cage and inside the cage. I’m proud to be on the same card as a man like Tom Aspinall.”


But Mokaev is no stranger to social media antics himself. In lead up to the bout, he posed with an AK-47 and sent the picture to his opponent.

“I want to apologize about, I put finger up at the weigh-ins. This is not my personalty,” he stated.

“I got a little bit emotional because I had a crazy week with this bullsh*t politician in Russia. He tried to call me traitor for lifting the U.K. flag. A little bit of this week, I was a little bit in my head.”