MMA star turned influencer boxer accuses Dana White of mistreating black guys: “like sh*t”

The UFC and its treatment of black combatants have once again come under scrutiny, with former MMA competitor turned boxer Anthony Taylor shedding light on the issue.

Taylor once competed under the Bellator banner, and has raised concerns about the treatment of black athletes by UFC President Dana White. Taylor’s most recent remarks follow Sean O’Malley’s disclosure of what the UFC president said to him after he beat Aljamain Sterling via TKO.

Taylor took to Twitter to convey his thoughts, suggesting that White’s enthusiasm over O’Malley’s victory is due to the treatment of black competitors within the organization.

He wrote: “But then treats the black fighters like sh*t!!!!”

Taylor’s comments echo sentiments expressed by former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. Woodley has been vocal about his belief that he faced racism throughout his career, especially after clinching the 170-pound gold.

In a notable interview on The MMA Hour back in 2017, Woodley delved into the nuances of the issue.

Woodley pointed out that certain subtle biases persist within the American culture, which can inadvertently affect how individuals are perceived. He said: “If you look at the history of our sport – and it’s not even our sport, the history of the American culture – certain things are subliminally embraced that are racist.”

“When you say to me ‘Tyron, you are well spoken’, what does that mean? Does that mean I’m well spoken comparable to all the mixed martial artists, the 500 UFC fighters on the roster? Or does that mean as a black male in America?”

“When you say I’m a freak athlete, does that mean I don’t work hard, that I’m going to fade in the later rounds? That I don’t have great cardio, that I don’t have a great skill set? It comes off to me… it almost sounds barbaric, like ‘hey, you’re strong, you knock people out, but if it gets to the later rounds you might get tired, you might fade and all those muscles come at a cost’.”

In response to Tyron Woodley’s assertions, Dana White offered his perspective during an interview with ESPN. White dismissed the notion that racism had hindered Woodley’s career progression and labeled him a “drama queen.”