MMA pioneer Gina Carano cast as woman agent Joe Biden was inappropriate to

Gina Carano might’ve been sacked by Disney but she isn’t ready to give up acting. Following her independent movie debut with Terror on the Prairie western, Carano is aiming for a new gig.

“I don’t feel comfortable with mandates. They are kind of going against everything I got canceled for. I’m not trying to force my stuff on other people, and I’m not trying to have other people force their stuff on us. I feel like if everybody just had a little bit of freedom, conversation could go a long way.”

“So for us,” Carano continued, “the idea was just like, let’s go create other work, somewhere else, for people that don’t feel like having this shoved down their throats.”

This time Carano was cast as secret service agent whose hair was reportedly snigged by Joe Biden in a biopic.

This film will also be distributed by right media organization Breitbart News. The movie’s title will be My Son Hunter – and it will indubitably focus on many Hunter Biden gaffes.

Carano’s secret agent will play against John James’s Biden. James most significant job to date had been a role on Dynasty.

 The teaser asks viewers to “witness the sensational, bombshell, unbelievable, scandalous, corrupt, censored, shocking true story” of the Bidens’ lives.

While the film is expected to dramatize reality and deviate from facts, the trailer opens with Carano’s character delivering the following line:

“This is not a true story, except for all the facts.”