MMA fans question if Combate Global just featured the ‘worst’ leg break ever

Dylan Reischman’s professional mixed martial arts debut will be remembered for a leg injury that occurred during his bout against Jaime Mora.

In what was supposed to be an exciting MMA showdown, Dylan Reischman made his professional debut at Combat Global: Ferreira vs. Morales. However, the action took a turn for the worse midway through the second round when Reischman suffered a broken leg.

Reischman was defending a takedown attempt by Jaime Mora along the fence when the gruesome incident unfolded. As Mora lifted Reischman and tried to drive him to the mat, Reischman’s left leg got caught at an awkward angle under their bodies, resulting in a loud snap.

Reischman immediately signaled the referee, putting an abrupt end to the fight. In a replay of the sequence, it’s evident that a bone in Reischman’s leg was nearly protruding from the top of his knee.

Dylan Reischman, a North Carolina native and a jiu-jitsu brown belt, entered the professional MMA world with high hopes. He had a promising 3-1 record as an amateur.

On the other side of the octagon, Jaime Mora, a 27-year-old Californian, entered the bout with a 2-0 record. He had previously secured a unanimous decision victory against Felix Cosigua in his professional debut in May.

Earlier this year there was another entry in the MMA injury Hall of fame. In a similar scenario at Oktagon 44 a man had his leg snap during a round.

 A light heavyweight bout in Germany at Oktagon 44 was stopped due to a severe injury.

Mateusz Strzelczyk and Rafael Xavier exchanged powerful leg kicks during the third round.

Strzelczyk’s right leg suffered significant damage, leading to a gruesome injury.

Xavier was declared the winner by TKO at 2:47 of Round 3 due to the injury.

Xavier had previously suffered a split decision loss at Oktagon 39.

Strzelczyk’s three consecutive stoppage victories streak came to an end.

The prevalence of such injuries is attributed to the calf kick trend in MMA.

In terms of the UFC, the public is still awaiting for McGregor’s return. McGregor suffered a legbreak that’s very hard to recover from. The same type of injury troubled Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Silva somewhat recovered though many believe he hasn’t been same since. Weidman suffered a broken leg on his return to UFC earlier last month.