MMA Event Features Huge Mismatch – Who Is Letting This Happen?

MMA fans were shocked with a very obvious and huge mismatch featuring Aron Leo and Connor Knight at the Evolution of Combat 9 MMA (ECMMA 9) event in September last year. The shameful bout took place in Glasgow, Scotland. The MMA prospect, Aron Leo, was fighting a way smaller and younger opponent, Connor Knight, who is only 21 years old.

The fight went pretty quick. Leo threw a small combination of punches at Knight but missed. However, Knight got floored during the evasion and Leo easily got on top of him and delivered a barrage of punches. The referee then halted the fight and Leo came out as the winner. The fight ended in less than 15 seconds.

The video footage emerged online on Twitter and has left many MMA fans baffled. MMA journalist Harry Williams gave his thoughts about the unfair fight.

“Can we please find out who allowed this fight to go ahead? I know there’s journeymen, but there’s a line, surely.” Williams wrote.

Many people slam the event organizer along with Aron Leo, for appearing to attempt to pad records and let a fight like this to occur. Aron Leo has just started his career in professional MMA and has a score of 3-0.

Additionally, within just a few weeks after this fight, Aron Leo won another fight at ECMMA 10 against Robbie Dunlop via submission.

This isn’t the first big controversy with padded records. Earlier last year we reported on a number of events that featured the same fighter under multiple names in order to pad the records of other fighters. You can read more about it here:

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