Mike Tyson was bullied during his childhood due to a lack of understanding of hygiene

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is currently preparing for his highly-anticipated exhibition match against Jake Paul. Despite being renowned by nicknames like ‘Iron Mike’ and ‘Kid Dynamite’ throughout his iconic career, Tyson’s path to greatness was fraught with challenges. He also had to endure hurtful labels during his formative years.

In his 2013 autobiography ‘The Undisputed Truth’ Tyson candidly shared the hardships he faced growing up in a tumultuous environment characterized by abuse and relentless bullying. Whether at school, on the streets, or within the confines of his own home, Tyson lived in constant fear following frequent beatings and humiliation.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Tyson reflected on his upbringing. He revealed in his book: “I was scared to be in the house, and I was also scared to go outside. By then, I was going to a public school and that was a nightmare.”

The streets of Brooklyn posed a challenge for the young Tyson, who grappled with his insecurities amidst a hostile environment. He wrote: “I was a chubby kid, very shy, almost girlishly shy and I spoke with a lisp.”

Mike found himself in a difficult situation since he was always hanging out with his elder sister and his living circumstances were subpar. He told The Express: “The kids used to call me ‘Little Fairy Boy’ because I was always hanging out with my sister, but my mum told me I had to stay around Denise as she was older than me,” Tyson recalled “They also called me ‘Dirty Ike’ or ‘Dirty Motherf*****’ because I didn’t know about hygiene back then.”

Tyson’s childhood was marred by derogatory nicknames, reflecting the cruelty he endured from peers. Growing up in a household with limited resources, Tyson faced challenges concerning hygiene and basic amenities.

He said: “We didn’t have hot water to shower in and, if the gas wasn’t on, we couldn’t even boil water. My mother tried to teach me about it but she didn’t do a very good job. She used to take soap and fill a bucket up with hot water and wash me.”

Tyson’s early years were defined by adversity and hardship. He continued: “But when you’re a young kid, you don’t care about hygiene. Eventually, I’d learn it in the streets from older kids – they told me about Brut and Paco Rabanne.”