(Video) Mike Tyson punches fan on plane and leaves him bloodied

If you’re going to annoy Mike Tyson, make sure you have somewhere to run afterwards.

Recently, a group of “fans” lucked out and got into the same plane as the Heavyweight boxing legend.

According to eyewitnesses, the group of fans was initially respectfully towards Mike, and Tyson even took a picture with one of them. However, a video posted online shows a particular individual constantly annoying and taunting the former boxing champion.

Reports state that the individual kept whispering in Tyson’s ear, which made the Heavyweight legend issue a warning to the man.

After the individual did not respect Tyson’s personal space, eventually, the Heavyweight boxer lost control.

The former Heavyweight champion then lost control and appears in the video throwing several punches to the face of the man that was inconveniencing him, leaving him bloodied up.


The ‘victim’ of the attack appears to have suffered slight injuries and cuts around his forehead. Reports state that the man received medical attention on the plane, and later went to the police to give a statement.

No word yet on any charges that might be brought up against Tyson.